Are you a Christian leader interested in helping people find a marriage partner guided by a Christian worldview? Are you interested in exploring the world of matchmaking?

The Licensed Matchmaker Officiant role at Christian Leaders Alliance might fit you. The Matchmaker Officiant role gives you the essential knowledge necessary to be a volunteer or part-time matchmaker officiant.

Details of the Matchmaker Officiant Role

  • You can lead a matchmaking ministry in your church, community, or online.
  • You can conduct wedding ceremonies for those you match and others as well.

Christian Leaders Institute Study Courses 

The Licensed Matchmaker Officiant study courses will help you minister to those looking for a Christian life partner.

Ministry Training/Academic Literacy Skills (1 Cr) – This course will help you do well in your studies to become a clear thinker. This course deals with logical fallacies that are an important aspect of matchmaking. This course adds a Christian worldview component to your journey as a matchmaking officiant.

Matchmaking Ministry (1 Cr)  – This course gives you the essentials of matchmaking ministry. This course will help you lead those interested in finding a spouse using online or offline options. Attention is given to the key principles of matching.

Matchmaking Assessment Skills (1 Cr) (Coming in July) – This course gives you skills to gain a working profile of the people you are matching. You will also be taught how to hold a Match Candidate Assessment Center. The Match Candidate assessment center helps your match candidate do a self-assessment to be a more desirable match.

THE 101 – Christian Basics: Introduction to Christian Doctrine 2021 (3 Cr) – This course grounds you in essential Christian Doctrine.

MIN 237 – Influence Smart (1 Cr)  – This course teaches you essential people smart skills to lead others to more effectively find a match.

MinistryBiz Skills (1 Cr)  – This course gives you the essentials of setting up a MinistryBiz that will help you explore whether Matchmaking Ministry is right for you.

Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Cr) – This course gives you training as a licensed Christian wedding officiant. The course teaches basic pre-marriage counseling skills.

Pre-Marriage Counseling (1 Cr) (Coming in June) – This course gives you the pre-marriage counseling skills necessary for helping couples do well in their Christian marriage.

Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete your Study Program

When you enroll at Christian Leaders Institute, you begin with a Getting Started Study Scholarship Class. After you complete this activity/class, you can enroll in and complete courses in your chosen study program.

Gather your necessary recommendations for the Christian Leaders Alliance

The Christian Leaders Alliance is a clergy ministry credential organization that oversees your clergy recognition credentials. The licensed programs require that you submit two recommendations. The ordination programs require that you submit three recommendations.

Order your Credential Package

You are welcome to complete the program without ordering and paying for official credentials. However, these official credentials are available if you need or want them to prove competence and credibility.