Church Matchmaking Ministry

In the past, many singles found their life partners at church. Denominational colleges connected many churches in the United States. Often in these churches, strong family units connected, and out of those connections, new marriages were formed.

Today, the situation is different. The American Conservative wrote that churches have abandoned their young people in their quest to find their Christian partners.

The church should be supporting young people in finding love, so healthy, productive marriages will result. Instead, the church has entirely abandoned its responsibility to promote family formation and has left the process to peers, clubs, and online dating. Source 

What can the church do to regain its influence?

Matchmaker ministers propose the church make matchmaking one of their ministries and that a trained matchmaker minister staffs this ministry.

Church Matchmaking Ministry Possibilities

There are many ways for the church to connect with matchmaking. A matchmaker minister could connect house churches. House churches could band together to support “their” matchmaker minister.

Christian churches with limited amounts of singles can network together to support a matchmaker minister. This will meet a vital need and also allow single adults to stay at their local churches and still get the benefits of going to a larger church that may offer more options for courtship.

Large churches or mega-churches may find this program a benefit for the development of cultivating a younger couple segment in their churches. The amazing courtship stories will make a program like this easier to fund.

Smaller churches that do not want to connect with other churches in the community, may want to employ a Licensed Matchmaker Minister to guide Christian singles to seek their life partner. They could promote this ministry to the singles of their church.