Professional Matchmakers – Minister Covenant Articles

Historically covenants set the expectations of the working relationship. We often call this the terms and conditions. Here are the covenant articles that guide Christian Leaders Alliance’s professional matchmakers with their client relationships.

The Role of Professional Matchmakers

The Matchmaker Minister role is to:

  • Be a confidential and prayerful minister to a Christian single seeking a Godly spouse. Confidentiality Privilege is a characteristic of licensed or ordained clergy.
  • Be a clergy resource for using online dating tools.
  • Be a minister or life coach to give mindful and constructive assessments.
  • Be a resource for materials.
  • Be a wedding officiant and offer pre-marriage counseling if needed.
  • Be a connector should the matchmaker minister know of a potential marriage candidate.


As a matchmaker minister, I adhere to the following covenant articles and ask you to consider the following further.

Glorify God

As a minister of Jesus Christ, my role is to glorify God in this matchmaking journey. God gets the glory. I will pray for you to find a match in your journey, and I ask that you pray for me in my ministry to you.

Practice Confidentiality

As a clergy member, I will hold to confidentiality (in the USA, I do have reporting requirements for things like child abuse). In this discussion, assessment, confession, and possibilities journey, confidentiality is essential in our relationship.


Finding the love of your life often takes time and many twists and turns. Plus, this process may trigger negative emotions along the way. Often past failures creep up to create walls or obstacles that hold you back. As an honest voice, I will seek not to offend you. However, I will also seek to identify issues that may have courtship and marriage implications. I am not a certified therapist, so clinical mental health issues are not connected to this covenant.

This is primarily your journey. You must prayerfully decide what you want and do not want. You must discern God’s will. I will come alongside you as a minister. If you meet the love of your life, give God the glory. If you do not meet the love of your life, God has another plan. The point is God is at work in this process, whatever the outcome.

I expect us to grow in this matchmaking journey. I will seek to learn how to do this ministry more effectively, and I sincerely ask you to participate in the process.

This matchmaking process is a good faith journey. There is risk in every new possibility. This process ordinarily will yield more desired results when working with a professional matchmaker than just negotiating these challenges alone.


I will adhere to the Matchmaker Minister worldview. Please review the document. Click here.


Throughout this journey, we will hold to Christian ethics for professional matchmakers. We will be respectful in our discussion of possible matches, and we will not talk about them to others. We will maintain healthy boundaries in the matchmaker minister relationship. We will conduct our meetings in open but private places and via phone or other media means.


Payment for ministry services allows that this relationship stays at a professional clergy level. If you believe that you are not getting help, please discontinue this arrangement. This is a covenant of blessing. You may stop working with me at any time. Payment amounts in this network vary. In our region the cost of each session is _____________.  Each session is one hour long.