Are you a Christian leader interested in helping people find a marriage partner guided by a Christian worldview? Are you interested in exploring the world of matchmaking?

The Licensed Wedding Officiant role at Christian Leaders Alliance might fit you. This role gives you the training to become a licensed wedding officiant and specialized matchmaker ministry training.

You can officiate weddings and become a matchmaker minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Wedding Officiant Matchmaker Minister Program Details

First, Become a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant (Usually Takes Two Weeks of Study and Activities) 

The Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) Wedding Officiant program is an excellent option for Christians who want to become wedding officiants. The comprehensive and well-rounded program provides students with the training and credentials they need to officiate weddings professionally and effectively.

To become licensed as a wedding officiant through CLI, you can complete the following steps:

  1. Enroll in the Wedding Officiant Skills class. This class is one credit and takes 5-10 hours to complete.
  2. After completing the Wedding Officiant Skills class, you will be eligible to enroll in the Wedding Officiant Recognition course. This course will complete your credential program and register you with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The entire process of becoming a wedding officiant through CLI can be completed in less than two weeks. This makes it an excellent option for Christians who want to start officiating weddings as soon as possible.

Second, Complete Your Matchmaker Ministry Specialization. 

After you become a Wedding Officiant, you are eligible to specialize in over 30 topics. One of those topics is Matchmaking Ministry.

The Matchmaking Ministry specialization includes 2 Credit courses and two mini-courses.

This specialization includes how to develop a match conversations ministry.

Ministry Skills Course

Matchmaking Ministry (1 Cr)

How to Start a Match Conversations Ministry (1 Credit)

Mini Courses

Dating Discernment (0 Cr)

Dating Discernment for Women (0 Cr)

This matchmaker ministry specialization usually takes about three months of part-time study.

Additional Opportunities

If you are interested in registering a soul center ministry practice, you are welcome to check Soul Centers. Soul Centers are religious societies that give local registration to your ministry.