Matchmaking Conversations Minister Role

Are you interested in helping people learn how to find their Christian match? Are you interested in Matchmaker Ministers?

You may have different interests in the field of matchmaker ministry. Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance have teamed up together to provide training and minister credentials for matchmaking conversations with ministers.

Ministry: Matchmaking Conversations Minister Roles


The Matchmaker Minister is a Christian minister responsible for providing individualized and confidential match conversation sessions to Christian singles looking for their soulmates and Kingdom partners. The Matchmaker Minister will also work with Christian singles to prepare them for dating or courting and help them build healthy relationships as singles even if they do not get married.

Matchmaking Conversations Minister Responsibilities:

  • Provide individualized and confidential ministry conversations to support Christian singles’ spiritual needs and bring healing to past hurts that might hinder forming new relationships.
  • Converse with singles to empower them to thrive in their relationship-making skills.
  • Market Matchmaking Conversations Ministry to Christian singles through various channels, including churches, social media, word-of-mouth, and partnerships.
  • Track the success of the Matchmaking Conversations Ministry by tracking the following metrics: number of participants, number of conversations, number of relationships formed, and number of people who have found hope through the Matchmaking Conversations Ministry.

How the Program Works

Christian Leaders have many core minister roles. The primary minister roles are:

  • Wedding Officiant (10 hours of study)
  • Field Minister (30 hours of study)
  • Licensed Minister (2 months of part-time study)
  • Coaching Minister (3 months of part-time study)
  • Ministry Chaplain (4 Months of part-time study)
  • Ordained Minister (6 months of part-time study)

Each minister’s role takes more study and time to complete. After you complete one of these minister roles, you are welcome to complete the Matchmaking Ministry specialization, which includes two additional courses and two mini-course.

How to Become a Matchmaking Conversations Minister

After you have completed one of the core minister roles, you can complete the matchmaker ministry specialization.

The matchmaking ministry specialization includes two credit courses and two mini-courses. The credit courses are:

  • Matchmaking Ministry (1 credit)
  • How to Start a Match Conversations Ministry (1 credit)

The mini-courses are:

  • Dating Discernment (0 credits)
  • Dating Discernment for Women (0 credits)

The total time to complete the matchmaking ministry specialization is about three months of part-time study.

Additional Opportunities

To register a soul center ministry practice, you can check with Soul Centers. Soul Centers are religious societies that give local registration to your ministry.

Here are some additional details about the matchmaking ministry specialization:

  • The How to Start a Match Conversations Ministry course teaches you how to create and implement a matchmaking ministry program.
  • The Dating Discernment course teaches you how to help people make wise decisions about dating and relationships.
  • The Dating Discernment for Women course is a specialized course that focuses on helping women make wise decisions about dating and relationships.

This program may suit you if you want to become a matchmaking minister.