Matchmaker Vocational Assessment

Do you wonder if you fit the profile of a minister matchmaker? “Should I pursue a Matchmaker Minister Program?” you ask.

Here is a matchmaker vocational assessment activity with assessment questions that will help you decide if matchmaking ministry is right for you. These questions will motivate you to get the training you need, or they will push you away from pursuing your credentials as a Matchmaker Minister.

Calling Assessment

Are you called into this minister? Here are some discerning questions for you to ponder in this matchmaker vocational assessment activity.

  • Do you feel God has called you to minister in this area?
  • How do you discern whether God may be calling you?
  • Has God put an interest in you in this area of ministry?
  • Do you love traditional Christian marriage as an institution created by God that needs to be blessed and supported by your passion and temperament?
  • Do people actually already call you a “matchmaker”?
  • Have you voluntarily advised people in matters of love or finding a spouse?
  • Has the Lord laid the burden of helping others find a spouse on your heart?

Gifts Profile Assessment

The gift profile relates to the “Matchmaker Intelligence” that God has gifted you with. Some people seem to be matchmaker-streetwise. This means they pay attention to the marriage connecting process and have gifts to help others.  This matchmaker vocational assessment activity will help you think about your gifts! Here are some of the questions that will help you discern whether you have some of those gifts?

  • Do you have a sense of what is holding friends back from doing well in the courtship scene?
  • Do you find yourself mentally matching people in your community?
  • Do you create theories about why this person is happily married or why someone may work with someone else?
  • Are you someone people respect as having a sense for matching people?
  • Do you have an evaluative nature of what works and does not work in the areas of love and romance?
  • Are you a relational editor?

Character Assessment

Matchmaking is about trust. If people do not trust you, matchmaking will not work! Here are some discernment questions.

  • Are you a giving and trustworthy person?
  • Are you a person of integrity?
  • Are you able to keep a secret?
  • Do you hate gossip and do not practice it?
  • Are you able to abide by strict standards of confidentiality?

Academic Assessment

While natural or spiritual gifting may be foundational, the formal study is important because it helps you think and grow as a leader in this area and brings credibility to your ministry or practice. After you have done academic training, your matchmaker vocational assessment will change from what it is now! Here are some questions about learning.

  • Are you able to complete formal training?
  • Do you see the value of learning?
  • Are you curious to learn new things?
  • Do you see why completing a program helps your credibility as a matchmaker minister?

Personality Assessment

Lastly, a matchmaker is someone who is and looks the part. Here are some discernment questions. These relate to the people group you are part of.

  • Are you a successful person now in areas of friendship or marriage relationships?
  • Do you dress as a leader would dress in the specific group you associate with?
  • Are you a listener?
  • You are a peace-seeking person who is joyful and not carrying bitterness?
  • Are you growing in your people smart and influence smart behavior?
  • Are you growing as a confident person?

Growth and Process

Now that you have read and discerned these questions, you may be saying “yes” to many of the questions but “no” to others. This Matchmaker Vocational Assessment activity has either motivated you or pushed you away. That’s good. If you are motivated, this training program of courses and activities will help you say “yes” to more and more of these questions if that is what you are called to do and want to do. Do not get discouraged.

If you are willing to grow and want to pursue being a matchmaker minister, check out the various Clergy Roles offered through the Christian Leaders Alliance and outlined on the website.

Does one of these clergy roles interest you? Begin your free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute.