Are you interested in helping people on the journey of finding a life partner? So many Christian singles are lonely and looking for their Christian partner. Do you feel called to help?

Are You Called To Become a MATCHMAKER LIFE COACH MINISTER and called to develop a MinistryBiz? 

  • Study courses in 3 programs that include Life Coaching training. These training courses lay a foundation for being recognized as a clergy member in the Christian Leaders Alliance.
  • Support people in their next steps in the matchmaking process. Help them use online tools effectively.
  • Bring a biblical Christian perspective and philosophy to decision-making concerning finding a spouse.
  • Serve as a clergy minister in your community.

This is one of the most important decisions someone makes.

Set up a Ministrybiz Practice

After you have been trained and become a clergy member, consider starting a MinistryBiz matchmaking practice. What does a Matchmaker Life Coach practice look like?

That is hard to say because it could look so different depending on your vision and the time you have available.

Here are some thoughts:

  • Your practice could be affiliated with a local church or group of churches.
  • Your practice could be online exclusively, where you utilize the tools of Zoom or Google hangouts.
  • You could work with a local coffee shop or start a coffee shop that offers Christian matchmaking coaching.
  • Your practice could be part-time or full-time.

Steps to get your credentials to set up your Matchmaking Life Coach practice

Step One:

Enroll in the Getting Started Scholarship class at Christian Leaders Institute. This getting started class grants you a study scholarship that gives your free access to courses and study materials.

Step Two: 

Complete the required programs.

Step Three:

Decide on what type of matchmaking life coach practice you want to set up.

Step Four: 

Use the principles of the MinistryBiz course to begin setting up a practice.

Setting up a Matchmaking Life Coach MinistryBiz practice can be challenging. Some will want to put their toe in the water on this, so to speak. Others are more comfortable about the whole process of starting a MinistryBiz.