Matchmaking MinistryBiz

Are you called to start a Matchmaker Minister or Life Coach MinistryBiz? What is a Matchmaking MinistryBiz?

Christian Leaders Institute offers a MinistryBiz course that teaches you how to serve in ministry as a local business or practice. Like the Apostle Paul who was a tentmaker while ministering to fellow tentmaker Aquila and Priscilla, Matchmaker ministers have the same opportunities today.

This could be a part-time or even a full-time ministryBiz opportunity.

Matchmaker MinistryBiz Types

Matchmaking Community Ministry Consulting

A matchmaker clergy minister will be able to minister as large in a community in various ways. He or she will be able to help singles find their match. While they do this they will be trained to minister to the whole person. Seeking the love of your life introduces many opportunities for ministry.

This is a ministryBiz role so the licensed or ordained minister can accept donations for their local matchmaking ministry consulting services or expect consulting fees.

Matchmaking Ministry with Local Churches

A growing opportunity is to offer your Matchmaking minister services to local churches. Maybe you attend a mega-church and your pastor sees the need for a staff position for you. The ministryBiz concept may be welcomed because the church will benefit from your ministry while not adding another church salary.

Officiant with Matchmaking Ministry Sevices

Maybe you have started an Officiant MinistryBiz in your community. You are already conducting ceremonies outdoors or at a local chapel.  This matchmaker program may be an excellent fit for you to expand your ministryBiz.

Matchmaking Life Coach Minister Options

Are you called to complete the Matchmaker Life Coach Minister program?  The matchmaking life coach ministry program gives you more options. You can perform your clergy role as a minister or a life coach, depending on what your client wants or needs. You work with a local church or local churches. You can start your Life Coaching MinistryBiz.

Online Matchmaker Consulting

Maybe you are active on social media or operated a website with a connection to ministry or marriage ministry.  This Online Matchmaker consulting could be a ministryBiz that helps your ministry’s mission. Any of the above MinistryBiz options have an online application.