Ordained Master Life Coach Matchmaker Minister

This two-year program is for those Christian leaders who are serious about creating a culture of matchmaking in their community.

This program is designed for called life coach ministers who want to assist singles in finding the love of their life and mentor others to become Christian matchmakers in their communities.

This program gives detailed training in ministry, Biblical, and general study disciplines. Included in this program are more insights into the dynamics of creating a matchmaking culture.

Ordained Master Life Coach Matchmaker Minister

Christian Leaders Institute Study Courses 

The Ordained Master Life Coach Matchmaker Minister study courses will help you minister to those looking for a Christian life partner.

MIN 100 – Christian Leaders Connections 2021 (3 Cr)  – The Christian Leaders Connections course is designed to give you a great start with your studies on the Christian Leaders Institute platform. For instance, in this course, you may take the quizzes more than once as you learn how to succeed at taking quizzes. You will also learn about the work of ministry and your calling.

THE 101 – Christian Basics: Introduction to Christian Doctrine 2021 (3 Cr) – This course grounds you in essential Christian Doctrine.

MIN 101 – Ministry Foundations (3 Cr)

This course is foundational for those who want to serve in a voluntary (bi-vocational) or salaried position in ministry. This course will deepen your competencies as a Christian leader.

Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Cr) – This course gives you training as a licensed Christian wedding officiant. The course teaches basic pre-marriage counseling skills.

Officiant Ministry Skills (2 Cr)– This course gives you competency in the essential ministry skills for ministers.

MinistryBiz Skills (1 Cr)  – This course gives you the essentials of setting up a Ministrybiz that will help you explore whether Matchmaking Ministry is right for you.

Matchmaking Ministry (1 Cr)  – This course gives you the essentials of matchmaking ministry. This course will help you lead those interested in finding a spouse using online or offline options. Attention is given to the key principles of matching.

Matchmaking Assessment Skills (1 Cr) (Coming in July) – This course gives you skills to gain a working profile of the people you are matching. You will also be taught how to hold a Match Candidate Assessment Center. The Match Candidate assessment center helps your match candidate do a self-assessment to be a more desirable match.

BIB 111 – Old Testament Survey (3 Cr)– This ministry training course examines the historical writings of the Old Testament, focusing on the stories of God’s dealings with Israel in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ. The class also shows some applications for contemporary Christian living and preaching. (The Old Testament’s detailed laws, Psalms, wisdom writings, and prophets are featured in other classes.)

BIB 112 – New Testament Survey (3 Cr) – This class explores God’s Word in the New Testament, paying particular attention to literary, historical, and theological dimensions.

Ministry Training/Academic Literacy Skills (1 Cr) – This course will help you do well in your studies to become a clear thinker. This course deals with logical fallacies that are an important aspect of match-making. This course adds a Christian worldview component to your journey as a matchmaking officiant.

MIN 237 – Influence Smart (1 Cr)  – This course teaches you essential people smart skills to lead others to more effectively find a match.

MIN 151 – People Smart for Ministry (3 Cr) – This course discusses people-intelligence for life and ministry. This class will help you identify common principles for effective communication and how to improve your effectiveness. This course also will help you minister to people better as you learn to hear what they are really saying. This course is designed for you to learn how to express your love in ways that people will understand

MIN 260 – Marriage Ministry (4 Cr)

This advanced class presents key building blocks of a thriving marriage, offers insights for strengthening one’s own marriage, develops the ability to offer pre-marriage preparation for couples, and cultivates skills for marriage counseling.

COM 101 – Introduction to Communication (3 Cr) – This class shares insights on effective communication to aid you in your communication skills as a Christian Leader.

BUS 321 – Management by the Book (3 Cr)

This class integrates biblical insights on leadership with contemporary principles of management, applying best practices for ministry contexts. It includes an in-depth study of leadership insights found in the book of Philemon.

SOC 201 – Introduction to Sociology (3 Cr) – This general education core class explores the academic discipline of sociology, evaluates claims of sociology from a biblical perspective, and shows how an understanding of social structures and relationships can make ministry more effective.

PSY 121 – Introduction to Psychology (3 Cr)

This class explores how psychologists try to understand, predict, and influence human experience and behavior. These psychological views are presented and evaluated from a Christian perspective.

This class examines big questions philosophers have asked about reality, being, God, cosmology, reason, mind, heart human identity, time, and ethics. The class will explore various answers offered by secular and Christian thinkers in various cultures throughout history.
Pre-Marriage Counseling (1 Cr) (Coming in June) – This course gives you the pre-marriage counseling skills necessary for helping couples do well in their Christian marriage.

INT 210 – Total Fitness (3 Cr)

This course teaches various life skills and shows how to become healthier and stronger as a total person. This is very important for ministering to those getting married. Drawing upon a biblical worldview and findings in various disciplines, this course is a journey toward greater fitness in the spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, relational, and vocational dimensions of life.

ENG 101 – Basic Writing (2 Cr) – This course develops your writing skills so that you can participate in public conversations through writing. It is not about the building blocks of writing (words, sentences, and grammar) but about the architecture and process required to turn those materials into a solid structure. You will walk through a specific writing process that will yield a publishable work, and which is repeatable for future projects. This course will be helpful in consulting in the writing of online dating profiles.

PHI 330 – Sexual Ethics (3 Cr)

Sexual Ethics provides an overview of a biblical and theological approach to questions of marriage, sexuality, and gender. This includes questions of marriage and singleness, bioethical questions surrounding procreation, contraception, and assisted reproductive technologies, and questions surrounding sexual and gender identities.

MIN 250 – Life Coaching Ministry (3 Cr) – Life Coaching Ministry is a full three-credit class that could also be called “Life-Changing Coaching.” This class teaches you how to be a life coach minister. Professor Steve Elzinga guides you through the study of the theory and practice of life coaching. He connects this field to that of the volunteer, part-time or full-time vocational life coach minister.

Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete your Study Program

When you enroll at Christian Leaders Institute, you begin with a Getting Started Study Scholarship Class. After you complete this activity/class, you can enroll in and complete courses in your chosen study program.

Gather your necessary recommendations for the Christian Leaders Alliance

Take the Deacon Minister Ordination (1 Credit). You will need three recommendations to complete this deacon minister ordination class.

The Christian Leaders Alliance is a clergy ministry credential organization that oversees your clergy recognition credentials. The licensed programs require that you submit two recommendations. The ordination programs require that you submit three recommendations.

Ordained Master Life Coach Minister Class (0 Credits)

This class finalizes your ministry credentials. You will update your profile, and you can order your updated credentials.

Order your Credential Package

You are welcome to complete the program without ordering and paying for official credentials. However, these official credentials are available if you need or want them to prove competence and credibility.